Sunday, April 15, 2012

Guest Appearance

Welcome back mates! On Thursday, March 29 my friend Tyler came up to visit me from Chicago. Since it was my birthday week celebration, we decided it was a good idea for him to DJ at Slim & Chubby’s while I promoted to get more people to come out. We also checked out my friend’s new restaurant located in North Fond du Lac. She was excited to open her new restaurant, and I was happy for her. I figured we should come out and show support. The name of the restaurant is Mangolios, and the theme is a bar and grill. This place is super huge and there are a lot of games from shuffle boards to pool games. Not only was this place huge but the food here was beyond amazing because it is made freshly. My friend Jenni who owns the restaurant wants her products to be locally bought and freshly made. This concept is important because the quality of the food tastes a lot better. When we received our meal everything tasted and smelled so good, and we ate away. As we finished our meal we were super full, and after that meal we weren’t hungry until hours later. I recommend you should try this delicious place.
After we left the restaurant we headed to Slim & Chubby’s to start setting up for the night. I had a feeling that the night would be a great night because I told a lot of people to come out. To make the night even better I realized that the band Gym Class Heroes was performing at Marian University. I figured it was a good idea to tweet the band to have their after party at Slim & Chubby’s. I figured I had nothing to lose to send out an invite, and surprise! They came out after their performance at Marian University. I was shocked but I could tell people were having a great time and dancing the night away. As my friend Tyler was DJing the night away we meet some of the people from Gym Class Heroes, we had a good time playing music and getting the people going. I must say that night was a great time, and I hope there are more nights like that. Well mates that is all for now, on our next voyage we’ll be traveling into a new month of April.

Lee IV

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