Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Moraine Park German Exchange Program 2013

Hallo wie geht es dir? Which is hello, how are you in German. Last week Thursday fourteen German students arrived from Frankfort, Germany in Madison, Wisconsin. To kick off the new journey in Wisconsin, the German students were welcome by their host. I was excited to be hosting a German student for the third year in a row. Each time I learn new words, culture similarities and a priceless experience. On the first night I made dinner for my host Danjeil. The meal included a fresh hamburger, sweet potato fries, and a variety of local beers from Wisconsin. The first night was a huge success with my host. I could tell from day one that my host and I have similarities. I am looking forward meeting the other students to expand my connections in Germany. Although my German speaking is not the greatest, but I do plan on improving my conversation skills before the students leave. Until the next blog I will give you an inside look on the activities planned for the German students. Until then, Ciao! Cheers, Lee IV

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beaver Dam Noon Rotary

G’day Mates! Recently I was invited to be a guest speaker for the Beaver Dam Noon Rotary Club. Rotary members are community members who are committed to building communities and bridge continents internationally. They do a great job raising funds for different organizations big or small and helping those who are in need of help. During this meeting I was able to have lunch and meet members of the Beaver Dam area. After listening to what events they had lined up for the upcoming months I was able to introduce myself. I talked about why I attended Moraine Park Technical College and the benefits of going to a technical college. They were impressed with the amount of work I did with within two years. I will continue to inspire others and promote technical colleges because I feel the hands on techniques are one of a kind and the networking opportunities are huge. One of these days I plan on joining a rotary club because I believe in helping others and making a difference in somebody life. For more information about rotary club in your community you can go to www.roatary.org for additional questions or concerns. Well mates, I will see you soon! Cheers, Lee IV

MPTC Student Awards

G’day Mates! On May 3, I attended Moraine Park Technical College’s Student Award Banquet at Camelot Golf course in Lomira. Before the dinner kicked off I took pictures with President, Dr. Shelia Ruhland; Dean of Students, Scott Lieburn; and the next student ambassador, Mihai Schnell-Harrison. Shortly afterwards dinner kicked off, followed by the award ceremony. Students were recognized for their hard work in academics and being involved in different clubs. I received the Meritorious Service award. This award is for students who served the college through their leadership and participation in co-curricular activities. The next award I received was a clock plaque for finishing my term as Student Ambassador for the 2012-2013 school year. It was an honor to receive this award and was also a sign of passing the torch to the next Student Ambassador Mihai Schnell- Harrison. I can tell he will do great a great job in his term promoting the technical college system. The next big award was the Student of the Year. Tom Griesmer received the award and is graduating from the Electrical Power Distribution program. He gave an excellent speech about his experience during school and told us how Moraine Park Technical College helped him to peruse his career. After his award the ceremony was finish. It was a great night meeting students who I haven’t met before and eating with friends and members of Moraine Park Technical College. The next big event will be graduation day on May 18. I can see the finish line ahead and I am ready to cross the stage. Until then see you soon mates! Cheers, Lee IV

Student Life Last Blast

G’day Mates! To finish off the semester, student life hosted a Last Blast event. Last Blast is an event put together by students. Committee members vote on what kind of theme the event will be. On the Fond du Lac campus committee members decided to do a 50’s theme. Students on campus had the chance to win various prizes, play games, and take photos with friends. The cafeteria was decorated with jukebox photos, classic cars, and 50’s genre music. Along with all of these great things student life also invited James Wedgewood who is a Comic Ventriloquist. He is known around the country for his amazing work and participating in various events including weddings, casinos, colleges and more. Students had a great time laughing and eating a free lunch with friends, classmates, and staff members. Overall everything turned out great. This was a great event before finals and to finish off the semester. Until then I am counting down the days till graduation! Cheers, Lee IV

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Job Search

G’day Mates! I hope you are all enjoying the crazy weather lately, but I am sure the real spring will be here soon. As I prepare myself to graduate on May 18, I am in awe how another graduation is approaching for me. I am excited to graduate, but now that means another step closer to reality and seeking a career. Over the past couple of months I have learned when applying for a position it is never too early to submit your application especially since the economy has been down over the past couple of years. The hiring rate is slowly increasing which means a lot more competition with other potentials people. I recommend you constantly update your résumé and edit to fit for the position. Since a lot of résumé are uploaded online, you want to make sure you have keywords that fit the descriptions of the job posting. This allows you to stand out from the others, and a step closer for interviews. One of the most important tips when searching a job is to expand your network with people. This tip would help you connect with people first hand, and have reliable references. Another way to get your name out there is by attending job and career fairs. These events allow you to speak with current workers of organizations to get an inside look of the lifestyle. If you feel a good vibe from speaking to the worker then that should be a place to apply. Even if you are not chosen, do not give up as there are other opportunities for different positions and companies. Below is a link I found that shares additional tips about entry-level jobs. If you have any questions I would love to hear them, until then my job search continues. “Never give up” http://www.experience.com/entry-level-jobs/jobs-and-careers/ Cheers, Lee IV

Ripon High School’s Career Fair

G’day Mates! Recently I visited Ripon High School’s Career fair as a guest speaker. Students had the option to choose which speakers they were interested to listen to about various career choices. I was able to share my experience about being a culinary student at Moraine Park Technical College. In both of my two sessions I had a full room filled with students. I started each session with a brief introduction of myself followed by questions from students and the teacher. They all had great questions for me and I was able to give them some quality feedback. Some of the questions I received included why I chose culinary arts, what inspired me to cook and about the pros and cons of working in the food industry. I enjoyed speaking to the students about my college experience; I like to inspire others to challenge their comfort zone and search the world. I am looking forward to more guest speaking events in the near future to share my knowledge with people. Cheers, Lee IV

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New York City

G'day Mates! After spending a weekend in Boston, I headed to New York City do see what it had is store for me. Since I was young I was always fascinated about New York City because of all the films and television shows produced. I was determined to see what all the buzz was about to see if big dreams do come true. Of course since I like big cities I instantly knew NYC would be a unique city to visit. I recommend New York City for people who love the busy and crowded areas filled with thousands of people walking everywhere. If you are looking for history then NYC is the place to visit! NYC is also a city for people who love to eat! Besides the history and food, NYC has a lot of shops and sightseeing to choose from. To stay in shape I mainly walked around the city to embrace the Big Apple, and see things that cannot be seen from any public transportation. Here below are my top ten places to see or do in NYC. 1. Try the street vendor food 2. The Late Show with David Letterman 3. Madison Square Garden 4. Times Square 5. Radio City 6. Brooklyn Bridge 7. Central Park 8. Statue of Liberty 9. World Trade Center Memorial 10. Empire State Building Of course there are a lot more things to list, but this gives you a sample of the city. Just remember to bring a good pair of walking shoes, and have fun. Like always at any time there is an opportunity to travel or try something new do it. This will help you to find yourself and meet people around the world to learn different cuisines and cultures. Only you have the power to see the World, until next time book some trips and enjoy college. Cheers, Lee IV