Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Friday 2012

Ah at last it is the first weekend of 2012 and what is a better way to kick off the weekend? Well the answer to that would be trying out a new restaurant! My friend Jade and I kept our promise to hang out and try out new restaurants. We decided to check out a Korean restaurant in Appleton, Wisconsin. We both tried various Asian cuisines but we haven’t tried Korean, so we figure we should check out this place since it had received many great reviews and award many honors. As we drove up to Appleton the weather was a bit windy but pleasant for a winter day, although it felt like spring time. The drive there took about forty-five minutes, but then at last we were at the restaurant. From the outside it looked small until we came inside and the place was a lot bigger than we expected. Inside you would think we were in a different world. The walls were painted green and had various art pieces showing the culture style.
As we were seated the menu looked fancy and the choices to eat were endless ranging from appetizers, lunch specials and much more. I was applauded about how big the menu was and I had a hard time deciding what to get because everything looked and sounded so good! Finally we decided what we wanted to get; I order a Korean BBQ chicken with purple rice. Yes that is correct I did say purple rice, to me it tasted like a cross over of wild rice and sticky rice. My friend Jade ordered the same thing except beef instead of chicken. Once our lunch came everything looked and smelled so good, I already knew I was going to eat everything on my plate even if I get full because the smell was fantastic. As we dug into our meal everything tasted so good, everything was freshly made and the flavors were amazing! Like I promised myself I finished everything on plate, although afterwards I was super full but it was worth it! Together our bill came out to be $24 which is a bargain for a killer deal. One more thing before I dock for the day. As a tip I would say lunch is the best time to go to a restaurant because you can take advantage of lunch specials that offer more food and half the cost of dinner prices. Well mates that all for the day, Ciao!
Cheers, Lee IV

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