Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Week New Year

On January 3, I had a productive day for the new year. Like many others I plan on staying in shape and doing something productive each day. In order for me to accomplish my goals I started to write down new things I do each day so at the end of the year I can see all the productive things I did. This method shows things in life are not always negative or bad. Anyways I started my Tuesday with me working out to my new video game I bought for my Kinect Xbox called UFC Training. This workout is the perfect method to get a great workout without leaving the house. I can tell this workout video will have an impact on my body throughout the session. Afterwards I started to cleanup and rearrange my room to become more organized with the different things I have to do each day. Once I finished with my tasks, I started to cook some food for supper. I decided to cook a small hen marinated in beer in the crock pot with vegetables. It turned out really tasty and tender, I recommend for anybody who is always on the go to use the crock pot method because it can cook for hours while at work or doing something else. For people who never used a crock pot you basically put your meat in a pot and let it slow cook for hours and your food is guaranteed to come out tender. Later in the night a group of friends from MPTC and I decided to go bowling at Ledgeview Lanes in Fond du Lac. There were about ten of us that got together to have a great time over the winter holiday. It is always a good time to meet up with friends over break. We all had a good time of course singing, bowling and dancing. My scores weren’t the greatest but one game I did bowl a 189. I hope one of these days my bowling average can be in the 200 area, but until then I’ll practicing until I reach my goal. Well that pretty much cover my Tuesday adventure, until the next voyage I’ll catch you soon! Ciao, Lee IV

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