Friday, January 20, 2012

Go Bucks!

On Tuesday January 10, I started my day off by going to school for my winterim class. We learned more information about how to enhance our resumes, were given a presentation about how to find jobs and how to attract companies to take a look at out resumes. The key factor of finding a job is networking with people. This shows people that you are a reliable and responsible person compared to a person who doesn’t have a good reference. This presentation took up the majority of the class, and then we were done for the day. After class I went home to eat lunch and work on my UFC training workout and it was another successful training. Then I got ready to attend my first basketball game for 2012 with some of my friends in Milwaukee where the Milwaukee Bucks were playing against the San Antonio Spurs. Since one of my friend works at the stadium we got some good seats for a good price. I was really happy to attend this game because there were players on the Spurs team that I always wanted to see in person such as Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and many other players. To see players on television is way different to see in person. I only wished I could’ve got an autograph. During the game it was a tough battle for both teams, there were many lead changes, but the Bucks didn’t back down. Throughout the game I was cheering for the Bucks and at the same time I almost lost my voice by yelling and cheering so loud. At one point I caught a souvenir ball with my hands that the cheerleaders were tossing out. The things got even better because we met a famous person named Hippie Tom; he is from the hit television show on the History Channel called America Pickers. We took a picture with him and he seemed like a fun person. Then in the fourth quarter of the game the game was getting intense with the game on the line with minutes left. Either team was refusing to lose, but with the Bucks tough defense and great offense the Bucks took home the win against a talented Spurs team. After a long day we headed back home, and I was tired after a fun productive day. I am hoping to attend more games because it is always nice seeing a big city and supporting Wisconsin teams besides the Packers. Well mates that is all for today! Check you later!

Lee IV

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