Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 3 of finals

As the week gets closer to Winter Break, I still can’t believe how fast this semester went by. Well on my Wednesday final I had my baking class, since I taken my final two weeks ago the only thing we had to do was clean up the baking to which we were assigned to. It take us long to complete our cleaning assignment, so since I had a lot of free time left I figure I could squeeze in some club hours to finish off package the cookies we were selling. There were about four hundred cookies to be package up and be sold to people who were eager to purchase them at every moment. I knew we had a lot of cookies, but it wasn’t until we finished I realize how much cookies we actually did. We package fifty trays of cookies, and we sold them for a good cost of ten dollars.

In my afternoon class we had a fun final for hot sandwich class; we played Jeopardy to test our knowledge throughout the semester. Each time we got an answer correct we would receive a pen as an inside joke with our instructor Lois. As a class we had a good time answering questions and making fun one another, I must say this was a fun class everyone in class has an unique personality which made our class so much fun! It is a bit sad that this is our last class together but there will more fun ahead.
After class I quickly got ready for a job interview for Service Master in town, which is a janitorial service that cleans different companies around town. The interview went well and I got the job after I said when I was able to work. This is a perfect time for me to get a second job because winter holiday is approaching and I need extra money to save up for my backpacking trip in the summer. Once I finish my interview I headed back to school to meet up some friends from Moraine Park. We were all getting hungry so we decided it was time for dinner, so of course we went across the street to our favorite restaurant BackYard Grill and bar. Like always we had good service and the food was delicious, we enjoyed every bite of our meal. Then we headed back to school to play the board game Yahtzee; this game never gets old every roll counts. We played this until it was time for us to go bowling at Ledgeview lanes which is basically next door to BackYard Grill and bar. The special on Wednesday is buy two game and get one free, which is a good deal but on Tuesday and Thursday are better deal because it is all you can bowl for two hours. Anyways we had a good time bowling and jamming to music; with the three games I bowled a 191, 119, and 171. I haven’t bowled that in awhile hopefully I can break 200 next time. Since it was late and we had class in the morning my friends decided to sleep over my house, especially since I live in town it wouldn’t make since to drive so far home. I must say this was a great Wednesday! Well I’m docking the ship for the night; I’ll catch you on the next voyage!

Lee IV

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