Friday, December 9, 2011

The Big Day!

Wednesday, November 30, was the last day of the month, and was either “Go Big or Go Home” because I had my test out day for my baking class. For my final I had to make three coconut crème pies and honey oatmeal bread. After a night of planning out my recipes I had everything ready, but for some reason I had a rough start. When I was making my bread I forgot to add the water first, which is a huge component of making bread, but luckily enough my instructor had some sourdough to add to my mixture to make my dough to a good consistency. After that things went a lot smoother and I was shaking and baking literally. While I was letting my dough rest, I started on making my coconut crème pies. All the recipes I was making were made from scratch, and this time I was working by myself without a partner. Baking can be a lot of fun especially when everything tastes good and turns out good. After an hour I finally finished my pies and they turned out really good. I topped them off with a crème, and made a face out of the crème. By this time it was time for me to start baking my bread, and put some sweet designs into them. The breads took about an hour to bake then I had to let them cool off on the rack. Overall my test out went well although it was a rough start; my saying is “it doesn’t matter how you start its how you finish.” All the breads that my class made were sold out within hours; I guess people really love bread especially when they are freshly from the oven.

After my baking test out I could finally take a breather and take away the pressure I put on myself. Then I realized MPTC student life was having a Casino Night event in the cafeteria. This event was free for students to play various games such as roulette, poker, and blackjack to win prizes at the end of the event. I played roulette for about two hours because it is my new favorite game to play especially at the casino, the odds of winning are pretty good. So I stayed until the end hoping to win the grand prize of a $200 Visa gift card, but of course I didn’t win any prizes nor the grand prize unfortunately. At least I had a good time at the event; I hope there will be more casino nights because the thrill of winning is always a thrill. Well until next time, Check you later!
Lee IV

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