Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday the 13th

G’day Mates! Some people are suspicious about Friday the 13th, but I believe it is all in people minds. On April 13, my classmate Kathy and I headed down to Madison Technical College’s west campus. We headed down to the campus to discuss the topic of diversity. This open panel included presidents from numerous technical colleges in the state of Wisconsin. We were able to speak on our behalf as students on how we feel about diversity, and ways to bring awareness to other cultures. The discussion panel went really well and I heard stories from two other students from MATC and from the presidents of the different colleges about their perspectives. I think we all came out of the meeting learning new information, and forming a great community. After our discussion came to an end, Kathy and I, along with two other students took a tour of the campus. Although a small campus, there are numerous of things to offer to students. As the tour came to an end Kathy and I figured it would be a great opportunity for us to head downtown to Madison on State Street. If you never been down on State Street, I recommend you do because there are numerous of restaurants, shops, and plenty of other things to do and see. On State Street we stopped by STA (Student Travel Agency) to book my hostel in Dublin for my Europe trip. Then we headed next door to a cupcake shop; the cupcakes were amazing! I had a red velvet and a guacamole cupcake. I know it sounds odd, but the flavor was beyond amazing! We continued walking down on State Street passing numerous shops to see what catches our eyes. During this we worked up an appetite, so we decided to eat at a restaurant called Five Guys. This place is a must have because the burgers are fresh, amazing, and you can put whatever you want on them and then get a cup of fries. This combo is beyond amazing, so if you don’t try Five Guys Burger, then you are missing out! After a hearty meal we figured it was time for us to head home because we both had to work, unfortunately, but if you’re going to have fun you have to work. The ride back to Fond du Lac was not too bad for a windy day. After another fun time in Madison, I must say I was beyond tired; therefore it is time to dock the ship! I’ll catch you soon as we set sail for shopping in Appleton! Cheers, Lee IV

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