Sunday, February 5, 2012

Something buzzing in town!

On Thursday, January 26, I started my day off by going to my ethnic restaurant class. I was super excited to start this class because we are able to pick a cuisine of our choice, and use those recipes for our restaurant day. Basically in this class we are taught how to run a restaurant from the front of the house to the back of the restaurant. These hands on techniques are one of a kind to get a sneak preview of how running a real restaurant would be. We went in order telling our instructor what ethnic cuisine we wanted to get, and I was sure I would get India because I love the spices in this region. Before I was able to pick India my friend Julie picked India and I was shocked, but she didn’t know I wanted that country so then I said well I’ll pick another country. Although I was sad I couldn’t get my first choice, I decided another country to choose would be South Korea. Once I did some research I was satisfied with my second choice. We also received our date for our restaurant day and my day is on May 3, 2012 at Park Terrace at Moraine Park Technical College on the Fond du Lac campus So mark off your calendar for this day because the food will be delicious, and I would be pleased to see a lot of people to come out.
After class was done some of my friends and I decided to check out this new Bakery in town called Blessed Bee Bakery located downtown Fond du Lac on Main Street. We were curious to see what this new bakery had to offer. As we entered the bakery our first thought was we were impressed with the layout of the shop. The candy decoration displays on the walls were unique and each turn we made we saw more things that impressed us. After a customer was finished with her purchased we got a chance to speak with the owner! Aimee McCarty owner of the bakery gave us an inside look of how she started her business, and she told us some exciting new things coming soon to her business. Of all the business I’ve seen opening in town on Main Street I have a feeling this business will go far based on the goals Aimee has. I am excited to see a business with a lot of potentials opening its doors to the community. If you get a chance I reckon you stop in and try a cupcake because they are amazing, and I’m guaranteed you will go home satisfied. At least for me I will be back in a heartbeat, and I will have the pictures to show you. Well mates after finishing a delicious cupcake that would be all for today, I will catch you soon on my next adventure!

Lee IV

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