Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello February!

Ahoy Mates! Today, Wednesday, February 1 is the start of a new month! Usually February is a short month, but this year we have an extra day due to Leap Year and the weather has been wonderful for it being winter. Since I don’t have class on Wednesdays until the second half of the semester, I am able to work more hours at my jobs. We were a bit busy for a Wednesday at Qdoba, but I got through the day because I was looking forward to go bowling with my friends from MPTC. As I finished my work at my second job at Service Master I quickly headed home, and changed into my bowling gear. Afterwards I headed over to Ledgeview Lanes to go bowling with my friends. These weekly bowling nights come in handy because I am able to hangout and relax with friends outside of the classroom. Like always it is always a great time singing, dancing, and bowling at the Lanes, never a dull moment. I didn’t reach my goal of breaking 200 yet, but I came close in two games. Well like they all say practice makes perfect! I am hoping next week I can achieve my goal, but most important I have a great outing with my friends. Afterwards we grabbed a quick bite at Taco Bell before we headed home. I can tell even though February is a short month it is going to a busy month filled with homework, projects, scholarship applications, and much more! No worries though I get to share my experience with you, as I continue to learn how to create an amazing video blog! Well mates, that is all for now time for bed. Ciao!

Lee IV

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