Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday Cheer

G’day mates! I must say sorry for the delay with my blogs. This semester has been filled with busy work than I hadn’t expected. With deadlines on scholarships, homework assignments, projects, club meetings, and much more my plate is full, but there is always room for fun. This is why I am excited to blog to share my experience and have you read my blogs. I appreciate you taking time out of the day to read my typical life during my college years. No two days are alike therefore I try my best to keep things updated and enjoyable.

Anyway, on Friday February 10, there is a reason why I title this blog Friday Cheer. It is because it is the weekend and I have a little more time to do fun activities. My day started with me updating my resume for future companies to fit their criteria, and then I plan on finding my career job once I finish my program in December 2012. Although I am nervous I am ready to take on different challenges and make my dream into a reality. After doing some errands around town I got ready to work at Service Master. My shift went smooth and since it was Friday there weren’t a lot of things to clean up compared to Mondays. As I finished work I headed off to Fond du Lac Theater to watch the new release film “The Vow” with some friends. That weekend was filled with interesting films that kept the movie theater packed. There was a good crowd of people attending the film, and movie critics gave good reviews for this film. I was interested watching this film because “The Vow” was based on true events. This film was about a married couple who were in a car accident, and the wife lost her short term memory. Her husband battled with many problems because the wife only remembers her life before they ever met. To battle with this issue was very hard. Throughout the film it showed the up and downs of their relationship after the car accident. I won’t ruin the film for you, but you can check out a sneak preview on YouTube at I hope you get a chance to watch this film because this film will make you look at life in a different perspective.
Well mates, on that note I must call it a day on today’s voyage, but in my next blogs I will be sailing into various parts of Wisconsin. I hope you get well rested because these adventures ahead is something you don’t want left on shore and missing the fun. See you soon! Ciao!

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