Friday, September 30, 2011

Sailing Through!

So I must apologize on my delayed blogs. This has been a very busy week thus far, but I am having a lot of fun with my German friends. On Monday September, 26 the German students were in full stride of classes and learning the everyday life in America. For my morning class I have food principles, we went over flavor profiles. We learned about food we eat comes from and what ingredients are in them. Breaking down the ingredients allow us understand the true flavors of each products.

Later in the day after I was finish with work I meet up with the group at the school to watch The Lion King 3D at the Fond du Lac Theatre. I was really excited to see this film as well as other because this classic Disney film bought back childhood memories. We all laugh, sang and some cried throughout the film, I realize even all these years I still love the Lion King. After the film we went home and relaxed after a long day.

On Tuesday September 27, my day started with class of Meat, Fish, and Poultry. On the agenda we had to use different cooking methods of a turkey. These included deep fried turkey to rubbed turkey in the oven. Each turkey came out with really well. Each piece of meat full of flavor and juicy defiantly is great with a sandwich. Once the turkeys were done we learned how to properly cut a salmon. Although a difficult process learning this technique was interesting to learn the cuts of a fish. Knowing how to properly cut a fish can save people a lot of money, and freshness is a key factor. I must say class was a productive day, this why I love being in culinary school.

At night we had a group of twenty people go to bowling at Ledge view lane. They had a special for eight dollars we were able to bowl for two hours. As we began to bowl the lights were turned off for glow bowl. The scene was so cool looking, and a bit of challenge because of the dim lights. We all were dancing, singing and knocking down pins. The atmosphere was beyond fun; seeing people having fun made the event a better day. One thing that made my night was teaching my German friend Christian how to put a curve on a bowling bowl. After a couple of tries he was getting good, he even beat my score after showing him how to curve. Christian stated he wants to go again and challenge me, so I accept his offer and we shall see what happens next. This shows how little things in life can make a difference in someone life.

Until next time ciao!

Lee IV

The Weekend Review

Welcome back! This past weekend was filled with fun events and a lot of fun with the Germans. It all started on Friday September 23, 2011, when the Germans students and instructors were invited to a “Meet and Greet” at Moraine Park Technical College with Dr. Sheila Ruhland. They enjoyed food made by students from the Culinary Arts program. Afterwards students went shopping to catch some deals on the latest fashions. That night a group of us drove down to Milwaukee for a Day/Glow concert. As we entered the city area the German students were in awe of the scenery. This concert included all types of techno/ electronic music which included paint. People were able to toss around paint and dance to the music playing on stage. We were there for about four hours, although it felt we were there all night, but it was a lot of fun so it was worth it! Our clothes looked like tie dyes from all the paint colors. The German students enjoyed themselves; they said this was their first time going to an event like this.

Saturday September 24, was another day of shopping. Some people headed down to sweet home Chicago; while others headed up north to Appleton to some of the stores they hadn’t seen yet. After I was done with work I took my guest Philip, and some other friends, to my job at Qdoba to have supper. They enjoyed the fresh Mexican cuisines that were offered; it was so good, they couldn’t stop eating their meal. After being full we went to Wal-Mart to walk off our meal, and to do some grocery shopping. We compared and contrasted what foods were offered in America and Germany. There were some things that they never heard or tried before, so I decided to buy them so they can try them.

Sunday September 25, was a big day for me because the Bears and Packers game was on. Me, being a huge Bears fan, and not liking the Packers as known as “cheese heads,” I was excited to show the Germans students a traditional American football rivalry game. I hosted a Bears/Packers game at my house. All of us chipped in on food such as chips, candy, fried chicken, and other side dishes for the typical tailgate food in America. The football game was a good intense game, although it almost looked like my Bears could’ve made a comeback to beat the Packers, but they fell short. Of course, all the cheese heads made fun of me and were cheering about their victory, but it was all fun and games.

The weekend concluded as we watched a little more football and started to get organized for the week ahead. This week school started for the German student so they can learn about different subjects in America compared to German culture. The German students must do a presentation about a particular subject title they were assigned to. These titles range from German sports to German foods and these presentations are held from September 28 to September 30.

Until next time, hasta luego!

Lee IV

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Germans Are Here!

After waiting three months for the Germans to come to America, the day finally came! On Thursday September 22, 2011, students from Germany landed in Madison, Wisconsin. I couldn’t wait much longer to see them because I made some good friends when I went to Germany in May 2011. Five carloads drove down to Madison to pick up the Germans at Dane County Regional Airport. As we got there the anticipation of seeing them was filled with joy. Once we entered the airport we all hugged one another, took pictures, and laughed about the good times in Germany.  After we left the airport we decided to get some grub at East Town Mall food court in Madison. Some of the Germans were tired, hungry and overwhelmed, but they were in good spirits to be in America.
Once we finished eating at various restaurants located in the food court, we walked the mall to check out some of the stores. It was a little funny to see some of their faces because some of the stores we have here they don’t have in Germany. They were oh my goodness ya have stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria Secret and so on here. I guess at times I take for granted of the stores we have here since I see them all the time, so to me it’s normal. Seeing their faces was priceless.  Shortly after, we talked about some of our plans for the week and departed home.
Our journey back to Fond du Lac was a smooth ride. As I took a look back in the van I saw majority of the Germans already sleeping; some of them had already been awake for a day so they were ready for bed. Once we reached home I introduced my hosts to my housemates and took a tour around to the house. I basically told them to make themselves at home because they are more than guests, and I wanted them to feel like this was their home away from home.  After unpacking, my hosts were off to bed waiting for the exciting days ahead.
Here goes Day 1 stay tuned for more to come!
Lee IV

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ahoy Mates!

Here goes my first blog! I’m excited to start something new that gives me the opportunity to show the everyday life of a student at Moraine Park Technical College.  I’m in the Culinary Arts Program and throughout my blogs I will try my best to keep you updated with all the fun exciting things at school and out of the classroom activities.
Some more random facts about me are I am a true Bears fan.  That is right, I am not afraid to say or show it. I love sports from soccer to snowboarding; there isn’t a sport that I don’t care for. If you forgot already I love to travel with a passion (check out my bio in the about me tab), I wish one day I could find a sponsor to help with my goal to travel around the world. I also have a huge passion for cooking and love to try new cuisines.
Well mates here’s round one of my blog. I hope you enjoyed it and the many more to come!
Bon Voyage!
Lee IV